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Queer is not a dirty word.

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I made a comment on someone’s facebook status that more or less suggested that I was gay. I thought that I had sufficiently hid it from people that I didn’t want to see, but apparently not. My mom messaged me, and reminded me that I am not out to most of my family and she didn’t know if this was the best way to do it. She asked if I was going public with my decision. And that was it. And it made me so happy. This is the first time she has brought up this topic in a straightforward manner since I left for school (which was a complete debacle). And there wasn’t anything in there about how I’m doing something bad, it’s wrong, or she wishes I wouldn’t make comments like that. I literally teared up in my little room half way around the world. Progress? I hope so.

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Washington state has legalized same-sex marriage. Washington’s legislature passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage Wednesday by a 55-43 vote, making Washington the 7th state to do so.

Gov. Chris Gregoire says she will sign the legislation into law next week.

Washington joins Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont (and Washington D.C.) in granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

State Rep. Jamie Pedersen (D-Seattle), who is gay, spoke on behalf of the approved bill:

“I would like for our four children to grow up understanding that their daddy and their poppa have made that kind of a lifelong commitment to each other. Marriage is the word that we use in our society to convey that idea.”

FOUR FOR YOU WASHINGTON, YOU GO WASHINGTON. Are you listening, California?

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  • I’ve never been friends with a lesbian before!
  • Do you believe in bisexuality?
  • I mean, I can look at a girl in a magazine or something and think she’s really hot, but I couldn’t do it in real life. Ew! So gross.
  • So… how do you know when you’re no longer a virgin?
  • But how do you DO it? 
  • Like hands? Like, the way normal people use hands?
  • Oh God… you don’t use… those, like, rubbery things do you?!
  • I thought you might be a lesbian, but I didn’t just want to ask you. Because if you weren’t that would be so bad! Like, I’d be pissed if someone told me I looked like a lesbian.
  • Oh, do you know _____?
  • So do you like butch or femme? Taller or shorter girls? Like, who’s the guy in the relationship, is what I’m trying to say.
  • You know you can tell me when you see a hot girl, right? I want to figure out what kind of lesbian you are.
  • So which one of the girls in our trip would you do?

I need a drink.




quick ball pen sketch based on this picture of Rowan binding.

I really want to get involved in trans-related art. pretty much whenever I come across something of this sort(comics mainly) trans*guys tend to be shown as skinny and androgynous which I think is just bollocks because this image is extremely exclusive. I’d like to make stuff more of us could identify with. no matter if scrawny, chubby, beefy, curvy, furry, hairless, girly, manly, on hormones or not. I would love to draw non-binary people, trans* women and our allies as well. I just enabled submissions on my Tumblr, so everyone: feel free to submit pictures so I can draw you(or other awesome people).

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this is awesome!

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Link tumblr presence: I have been in a hetero relationship for 5 years and about 2 years ago I realized I'm a lesbian. I finally broke it off...


I think coming out of a five year relationship, I’d be skeptical about everything.

Thinking about sexuality, especially your own, can be super overwhelming. So my advice is: DON’T THINK ABOUT IT. Just do. Do what feels right to you.

Stand by your decision to live honestly, as scary as this…

I think is the best advice. DON’T THINK ABOUT IT. Do what feels natural, and then go with it.

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  • Watching Undercover Boss
  • Mom: That's just queer. Queer, queer, queer, queer, queer. We don't want queer, we want heartfelt!
  • Me: Um, excuse me?
  • She didn't answer. I swear.
Just got their CD 2205. It’s fantastic. Sick of Sarah is like the Runaways and Tegan and Sara had this wonderful child.

Just got their CD 2205. It’s fantastic. Sick of Sarah is like the Runaways and Tegan and Sara had this wonderful child.

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